Thursday, 30 January 2014

What I Wore To: Tinder Date

If you read my Show and Tell 2 post you'll see I went to the Big city to meet a chap I had been chatting to on Tinder. I think half my friends thought I was mad and was going to be kidnapped but I had chosen the place to meet and I had an ok feeling in my gut and you got put yourself out there and all that jazz.

Base: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector
Brows; Mudhonety from Soap and Glorys "Whats Nude?" Pallette.
Blush:  "Love art First Blush" Soap and Glory
Lips: Catrice  Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in "Don't Think Just Pink"
Scent: Realised I forgot Perfume and ran to Debenhams and tried Marc Jacobs Honey for the first time.
So fresh smelling you need to smell it ASAP

Outfit: My Trusty High waited Black jeans, Black and White striped shirt, H&M scarf and my "Sherlock" Jacket. I think I was more nervous than I realised because I forgot to get an outfit picture, OOPS

While there was no sparks between us (and I mean NO sparks) I enjoyed the experience of the date.
I think I was a bit paranoid after watching so many episodes of Catfish and did half expect a 45 yr old man to show up.

Have you any outfit posts?? What would you wear for a coffee date