Monday, 25 November 2013

Bucket List

As you may or may not know during the last eleven months I have working as in intern nurse as part of my studies to become a General nurse. Last week I had a meeting and I will not be continuing the Internship and so as a result I will not be finishing my nursing course. This news has been coming for a while, but it was not any easier hearing it

What can I say I'm adorable
I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 8 years old and I saw the great work the pediatric nurses were doing with my brother and the other children in all the wards.

As devastating as this news has been (a train ride home to mope was undertaken) I have a plan in the works involving a Post grad in Nursing in the UK. This plan wont be able to be put into action until 2015, so I have to take a YEAR OUT!! The thought slightly petrifies me but I am going to be PRODUCTIVE dag nabbit!!
So I made a Unemployment/Year Out Bucket list!

1.Read more books. I have been reading Kate Mosses' "Cirtadel" for that seems like ages and I need to know what happens and read other things on my book lists (I'm gonna be ALL about lists next year) I used to read far more so I wanna get back on the Book Band Wagon.

2. New music. Having livesd wit music students the last 5 years I've been exposed to a lot of differnet kinds of music (drunken sean nos singing is a thing that happens in my house). Now I've been exposed I've heard tidbits of great things but I've never really sat down and listened to a lot of things. The first things on my list are Maccabees, The Doors, The Smiths and Alt-J.

3.Bake/Cook more. When I was growing up and staying at my Grannys house I'd forever be begging her to help me bake things. Soda bread and Christmas Cake are my forte! Since the year I did my leaving certificate I haven't had time to make christmas cake :( so this year it is my mission to do it! And that is only the start. My  two cookery books have been gathering dust  for TOO long!!

4. Blog More. Before I sat down to write this it turned out the last time I blogged was in September. This is all gonna change!!

5 Take more photos. When I was in first year in college I was introduced as 'Niamh with the camera' and had albums and albums of photos, that has dwindled with and instead of taking photos Essays were written and placement was done. I'm looking forward to relaxing and taking photos :)

6 New Skill. I am going to develop some sort of skill so I feel I haven't wasted my life for a year! what my skill is...... I haven't decided yet......but I will!!

7 Volunteer. Another thing I haven't fully thought yet is what I'm going to volunteer at, But spending a few hours a week helping people out is a good plan!!

8 More Movies According to IMDB I've seen a miniscule 59/250 movies to see before I die. By next year I probably won't have seen ALL of em but I'm going to be to at LEAST 111, (thats just one movie a week....totally achievable.......)

SO thats my list, lets see how well I do. Wish me Luck :) xx