Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Leaving Ireland; hey there london

Since my last Blog post I've moved country!! Ok, in all fairness going from England from Ireland isn't the biggest thing in the world, seeing as I've been here two times already this year but this time its different, obviously.
I've tried to be organised before leaving, both college and job wise, but things haven't been 100% sorted, but it's more my father getting stressed about it, than me, I have only been here since Saturday. 

Whats really different is the fact is instead of staying outside all day to see as much as possible in the limited time I am here before I rush back to the airport to wait and pray my battery doesn't doe in the airport cause my plane ticket is on my phone.

Today I am moving into my summer room, so far in three nights I've stayed in three different houses on two different beds and a couch, a very comfy couch I may add, and I'm looking forward to unpacking, find out what thing I stupidly left in Ireland, in the 'to come to london at a later date' pile.

Recently ( since two weeks ago when I was in 'OH MY GOD I'M LEAVING THE COUNTRY AND NEED TO DO THINGS' mood, and I was all about the lists, and a couple of months ago, I read a vivianna loves makeup post and she had read something where its better to only have three things on your to-do list, so I'm attempting to stick to that, cause then the list is done everyday, the list is not never ending, and things are prioritised so if there's one thing I've learned its that.

I've also heard a lot of people speak about the life changing magic of tidying up during the whole clearing out, you should read The Pools article on Marie Kondo before you do read her book if  you are going to read it, but I was very proud of myself when I was finsihed clearing out. I had a work house wardrobe and a home wardrobe, and two make up collections and it was good to see them together and then actually know what I have. I cleared a lot of pennys things and gym stuff that just didn't look nice and in my soul I still wish I was a french person with like 7 items of designer clothes and thats it.

On my first night I ended up hanging with all irish people, so far it seems we stick together,and then friends of friends end up going out which I think is totes adorbs.  Also TINDER, especially compared to Cork tinder, I got a number already. 

So I've been here three and a half days, I wish things were further along work wise, but things have been beyond my control, but having more friends than I have in Youghal and spending all sunday with your BFF cause finally after about six years we live less than 100km away from each other, brunch and deliveroo FTW.

I know all things will work out but I want them to be worked out now, like there are worse places to not having to a job, and guess what book I started reading yesterday....Girl on the Train

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Podcasts I'm listening to 2016; part two

I'm sure you've only been dying to hear what I'm listening to that I haven't already mentioned,
I'm moving to a different country soon, which sounds far more exciting than it actually is, but
I'm trying to streamline things so I can bring only the things I need and that includes podcasts which is borderline unnecessary I know but here I am, at the same time it's good to see if you actually listen to and enjoy.

I've only gotten into Fiction in the last 6 months or so, they remind me of plays you could listen to on the radio back in the day.
It started with Limetown which was a recommendation from Gemmaquillage, but I didn't realise it was fiction when I started listening to the first episode and the first episode is kinda scary, especially when you're walking the dog at night like I was. I enjoyed it once I realised it wasn't real ha.
I then tried to find other fictional podcasts cause, sometimes you want to listen to things that aren't educational, or something you don't have to think about.
I came across Tanis and The Message. All of these podcasts are trying to figure out something, some kind of mystery, but in different ways  and they're all so good, my favourite would be Tanis, but the other two are headed by women which of course is very important.

We've all heard of The Nerdist and Bulleye with Jesse Thorn, so I won't mention them. I don't listen to a lot of them and the ones I do are a bit niche. I listen to An Irishman Abroad Lets Make Mistakes Together and Pardon My French.
 An Irishman Abroad is Jarlath Regan an irish comedian interviewing famous Irish People such as Dara O'Briain, Chris O'Dowd and Laura Whitmore, at the moment as an irish person who will soon be abroad, its nice to hear how they got on and succeeded abroad.
Lets make mistakes together is Philip DeFrancos podcast, where he interviews the people who works at sourcefed, or nerdy celebrities, like someone from Nightvale.
Pardon My French is Garance Dore interviewing and conversing with people such as Zosia Mamet, Emily Mortimer and Erin Foster, I adore Garance and will read and listen to just about anything she produces and I feel you see a different side to people when you hear them, especially when you hear them speak to someone they admire.

Sometimes you want to learn random things about your body or about superglue, and there are podcasts for that. There's Surprisingly Awesome, Hidden Brain and Only Human.
Surprisingly Awesome tries and make things that could be seen as mundane and puts it into perspective, like who doesn't want to sound cool at dinner parties that you know random facts about broccoli or  pigeons. Only Human and Hidden Brain are kinda similar to each other because they look at things such the science of fear your sanity or your kidneys.

Pop Culture Panels:
There are two pop culture panels that I love listening to. I do enjoy pop culture and its great to hear people talk about things they love like the OJ TV show, or what The Weeknd is talking about when he can't feel his face and The Oscars. There is Pop Rocket and Pop Culture Happy Hour and they are alike but different enough that I can justify listening to them both.

I wouldn't say I'm into tech things but podcast tech, is better. I'm not sure how I found Startup but I did. I'm never going to be an entrepreneur and launch a company, but Alex Bloomburg is and he recorded it, called it Startup. Its three seasons in, and it looks at different companies' experiences, the good and the bad. What came from Startup came reply all, which is two tech nerds discussing apps, internet famous dogs and the internet without being OTT techy, like its more conversational rather than patronising.

WHOO we did it, we got through this, there was a lot and here we are, at the other side. don't forget this is after I've unsubscribed to a lot of podcasts