Saturday, 31 May 2014

What I got at Lush

Some how I must have sleepwalked into Lush in Cork city and picked up two lovely products.
The sides of my nose have been quite dry and I have a few hormonally creeps on my face...

I was walking around for a while and spotted the Tea Tree Toning Water.Kate (Ghostparties) has mentioned this a few times and claims it as saviour to her face! So that was a no brainer. I spray it twice onto a cotton pad. (I tried spraying it straight onto my face but I didn't dig the spritz feeling.....I'm odd ok?)
It smells so lovely and really feels like its clearing up my face.

I went over to the lovely lady and asked her about the cleansers. I no problem making body/face scrubs or facemasks, but I just feel my knowledge has a lot to be desired when it comes to cleansers. I'll leave that to the experts for the time being. When we had discussed my face type she recommended I try the 'Let the good times roll' cleanser. She tried it out on my hand and it does what it says on the tin, a really gentle cleanser with popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon, it actually has popped corn in the pot. I've tried it a few times (though it is gentle enough to use daily) and my face feel really clean without being tight or dry.

Whats your favourite Lush product??

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lit Nit Wit: The Twins

A book about Twins and World War 2??? you'd think I'd be in heaven. This book was laying on my book shelf for I kid you not 7 years! oh that makes me feel old!! When I had finished the other Twins book I decided it was time to finally retrieve the book from its time in limbo and see if the wait was worth it.

In a peat bog spa (great for the arthritis it transpires) two long term separated twins are reunited after a life time apart. They were separated after their parents died. One was brought up in Germany and the other in Holland. It was also during their separation the turmoil of the second world war. Both twins suffered through the war and came out the other sides with loss and resentment.

Lotte the Dutch twin could let the fact that her twin Anna was german even though Anna never supported the fascist party. The question 'Why didn't the people do anything' was answered with 'Why didn't other countries help?' which resonates with all common wars and uprisings to this day. To get Lotte on side Anna told her all the hardships faced by the common Germans throughout the war and what help lead to the war in the first place. I have not seen that side in a book and I thought it was very interesting.

The story was more interesting at the start and I felt it dwindled towards the end. I don't know why but I felt Lotte was too unforgiving for something that Anna had no control over.

Overall I am quite glad I finally got round to reading the book. I wouldn't put it on any must read lists but it does give a unique view on an already well written war

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Etsy Purchases #2

I think I once read on tumblr (follow me on Tumblr here that) that online shopping is like waiting for a present to arrive in the post, a present you bought yourself but still! I do get quite excited when I see little packages when I arrive home and these two packages were worth the wait.

I ordered the More Issues Than Vogue T-shirt here and it shipped from I think Thailand in about 3 weeks so I was impressed. This shirt is a Medium and actually measures long on me so just be wary. I've been
contemplating seeing if I turn it into a high low t-shirt but I am also very wary of trusting myself with a scissors.......

Look how cute the box is!!

I think I was at a confirmation (How Irish does that sound....) and I saw someone with their name on a Etsy to the rescue!! Interestingly it came from Israel (fun fact) and is just so dainty. You can also choose the length of the chain (The name is attached to the chain btw) and I chose the 18 inch just so it's low enough for others to see it.  I like it so so much!!
necklace and since then I have wanted one.

I can now see why people love Etsy so much. Even the waiting isn't that bad, or at least nothing for me has been so far. My friend has given out to me for introducing her to it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lit Nit Wit: Revenge wears Prada

If you have not already guessed I am not a chick lit kinda gal, I blame that on the fact I started reading Danelle Steel and Marian Keyes at about 13 years old, I don't know if this was a good idea or a bad one.
Anyways a one of the few good ones was The Devil wears Prada, (I was 16 at the time). The fashions and the evil Editor who twisted people and morals of others to get the perfect cover photo, and poor fashion ignorant Brown Alumni Andy had to decide if a year of name forgetting, NY running, and general stress is worth the letter of recommendation from the demon Miranda, and what she will lose if she does.

Revenge wears Prada on the other hand..........I was expecting so much more for some reason. First of all the fact she was now best friends with Emily unnerved me, she always thought she was so much better then and now they run a magazine together????? Also the way she acted around her new husband is a bit unbelievable. Ok in one part I was not expecting a certain allegiance but then the ending was predictable and left me feeling as if I had wasted  a day of my life reading it,oh yes I read it in a day, thankfully.
By all means read the first book, enjoy the movie and the amazing clothes and all that, lets just forget there's a sequel.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Etsy Purchases #1

My poor beloved highly complemented penguin phone covers life has sadly come to an end (my brother ripped off one of his wings and tore the case itself.) I decided Etsy was the place to go to locate a new one.I do not know if falling into the Etsy universe was. I came across this lovely Lion King Phone Case, fitting as this year is the 20th anniversary of the film (does that make anyone else feel old??) The case took about 3 weeks to arrive. The only problem is the case is kinda.....slippery, the plastic has no grip at all and I have dropped my phone a few times, thankfully its a good sturdy case.

Somehow I got it into my head that I had to have a Marauders Map Purse/Wallet (yes from Harry Potter).
I looked and looked and I did find one.......that cost 50 euro and I thought well whats the point of having a purse if you don't have any money to put into it. Then I found The Duct Tape Diva who
made Marauders Map Pencil cases and also made Wallets, so I mailed her and asked would she possibly make me a custom case, and she was so lovely and made it. There is a misspelling in the purse unfortunately, but I still adore it!
this arrived after 3 weeks and I have gotten a lot of complements.

As you can see this is only the first of I'm sure many Etsy purchases. I may or may not have 2/3 orders on the way.....

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lit Nit Wit ; Gone Girl

I only think I borrowed this when I heard this was being made into a film with Ben Afflick and I was told my the Librarian said it was worth the wait (I waited about 5 weeks for it).

On  their 5th wedding Anniversary Amy Dunne disappears without a trace and her husband Nick is the prime suspect. In the book we also get to look into the couples past via diary entries written by Amy in the 7 years prior to the disappearance getting a picture of their life in NYC how the downturn and his ailing parents led them to relocating to his hometown.

I liked 97% of this book it. At the start you get a feel for Nick as a person and through the diary entries a feel for Amy. Your mind starts to change about a few things and then BLAM such a twist! I was trying to be good and take notes on how I felt towards the characters and had to get rid of them. I felt totally duped!!
I found the ending a bit disappointing in the fact I wanted it to just go some other way but it is an amazing book.

 John  Green made a video on the politics of Central Africa recently and he made a point that Americans (and probably the rest of the world) wants there to be good guys and bad guys, a black and white clean cut scenario, but life isn't like that and I feel this book shows that in a more dilute fictional way, and I think that's why I didn't like the ending to be honest. I want there to be good guys and bad guys and the good guys catch the bad guys and thats that, but that isn't real life and this book shows that too. I would recommend seeing this and I am looking forward to seeing this as a film too.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

On My Face: Weekend Work Make Up

I am not an individual that wears make up everyday. Fair play to you if you are! I work 3/4 12  hour shifts during the week starting at 8 and believe me the last thing on my mind is blending foundation or applying mascara (fair play to you if you are one of those people that does). For my other job on the weekend however I make a slight bit of an effort as I don't have to be ready until 8pm at the earliest so I have no excuse and to be honest I feel guilty about not using my Pallettes (that won't encourage me to start using them during the week). I saw Sammi (The BeautyCrush) Violet Manga eyes tutorial recently and that inspired me to use the purple shades Rapture and Vice from the Urban Decay Vice palette.

Base: 17 Flawless Primer,
Soap and Glory 'Its about prime'
Foundation: Catrice Foundation,
Concealer: Garnier 'Roll on' under eye concealer, Benefit 'Boi-ing'
Eyebrows: 'Mudhoney' from
Soap and Glory Lid stuff quad,
Mascara: No7 Intense Volume waterproof.
Blush: Bourjois cream blush 03,
EyeLiner: Stash (tightline), Avon white eyeliner (waterline) Psychedelic Sister
Eyeshadow: From the Vice Palette.