Monday, 16 January 2017

Back in London

So one of my New Year Resolutions is to do more things with people. Just before Christmas I had so little money, Yayy high rent and the whole working unpaid "for the experience", I digress, I know there are cheaper places I could live, and I do live in one of the coolest cities in the world, so I've to suck it up as they do say.

Because of the whole rent thing I worked both days I wasn't in Uni, its good to do the shifts when you can, and I do a good job so I might aswell. I was ion work the week before and I got a call from an unknown number, I'm the kind of person that answers every phone call, even when I'm fairly sure its a scammy "we've recently heard you were in a car crash..". So I was there in the kitchen and I get a phone call from the producer of Absolute Radio saying I'd won two tickets to an "Biffy Clyro intimate gig". I hung up the phone and jumped up and down for a while, I was very excited. I then had to figure out who to bring and casually ask said person to the gig, casually, when I am the least casual person ever.

So on Wedneday I went to work in proper gig gear, and changed into my uniform and was counting down the seconds till I was going to go. I get a text message at 6 informing me the gig was in an actual church, which I did know, but I don't think they knew that. I thought maybe it was a converted church, with no pews with a bar but oh no it was not that at all. We sat at the side pew and I figured out the person I brought had heard of one of their songs and I was bringing him to a gig where he was the only person not  a superfan. We had a great time though. He was bopping along to the songs and I was singing along. Biffy are amazing in general but acoustic Biffy are just on another level. Absolute Radio recorded the gig so I'll try and link it when it's available.

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Last week, my bff and I were reunited. She asked would I like to head to The Grand in Clapham to go see Pretty Woman, in a nightclub. It was the most fun Saturday evening. During the movie, there was even like "special effects" so when Julia Roberts was in the bath, there was bubbles, and in the last minute they released all of the confetti. Then we had Nandos and went for a drink.
Both nights I had drinks, was totally fine, I just need to continue checking in on myself, and it was nice to hear that I didn't have a problem from my friend who actually sees me drinking.

I'm really back to be in London, doing things, meeting people, trying to do things with other people, I'm trying to talk to my classmates more and putting myself out there with new people

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My grey issue with alcohol

I've never been a "good" drinker. I have improved with age, only that I try to pay attention to how I'm feeling before, tiredness and drink don't mix for me, and I almost never ever have a drink the night before I'm working a 12 hour shift, after I once overslept and almost made not just myself but two other people late for work. My issue is when I don't pay attention, when other people around me are drinking beer for an extended period, such as a rugby match (I will be referring to the weekend past on and off here) where by its alright to keep drinking.

My father owned a pub, so he thinks hes an alcohol knowledge master, and has told me at least 7 times I need to cut down my drinking. Its so actively patronising and condescending, and just generally unhelpful to any kind of situation I may be in or near or whatever, being told "It runs in the family" or that I should only have a couple of long necks, almost drives me to more drink. It doesn't help I'm the only child of his that drinks. His constant bickering at me has led me to looking stuff up online and I've read an article written by an alcoholic, that I can't find this video from Lucy Moon and this article from The Pool, and I am not at a stage where I feel no alcohol is the only option for me. I know I can go out and have two, and that I should eat. Last weekend ended up calling a person I don't know a prick and waking up still wearing my shoes and not sure how I got home, all in Paris mind you, is not something that will happen again. The fear of not knowing and having said fear all day Sunday and Monday will be enough. I know I am improving with age, but I am not at a place where I'm good all the time. Things like these aren't black and white, fortunately or not. If I do decide to give up alcohol  though, which is not in my immediate future, it will not be because of persistent, albeit well intentioned bullying from my father or anyone else.