Saturday, 24 May 2014

Etsy Purchases #2

I think I once read on tumblr (follow me on Tumblr here that) that online shopping is like waiting for a present to arrive in the post, a present you bought yourself but still! I do get quite excited when I see little packages when I arrive home and these two packages were worth the wait.

I ordered the More Issues Than Vogue T-shirt here and it shipped from I think Thailand in about 3 weeks so I was impressed. This shirt is a Medium and actually measures long on me so just be wary. I've been
contemplating seeing if I turn it into a high low t-shirt but I am also very wary of trusting myself with a scissors.......

Look how cute the box is!!

I think I was at a confirmation (How Irish does that sound....) and I saw someone with their name on a Etsy to the rescue!! Interestingly it came from Israel (fun fact) and is just so dainty. You can also choose the length of the chain (The name is attached to the chain btw) and I chose the 18 inch just so it's low enough for others to see it.  I like it so so much!!
necklace and since then I have wanted one.

I can now see why people love Etsy so much. Even the waiting isn't that bad, or at least nothing for me has been so far. My friend has given out to me for introducing her to it.