Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lit Nit Wit ; Gone Girl

I only think I borrowed this when I heard this was being made into a film with Ben Afflick and I was told my the Librarian said it was worth the wait (I waited about 5 weeks for it).

On  their 5th wedding Anniversary Amy Dunne disappears without a trace and her husband Nick is the prime suspect. In the book we also get to look into the couples past via diary entries written by Amy in the 7 years prior to the disappearance getting a picture of their life in NYC how the downturn and his ailing parents led them to relocating to his hometown.

I liked 97% of this book it. At the start you get a feel for Nick as a person and through the diary entries a feel for Amy. Your mind starts to change about a few things and then BLAM such a twist! I was trying to be good and take notes on how I felt towards the characters and had to get rid of them. I felt totally duped!!
I found the ending a bit disappointing in the fact I wanted it to just go some other way but it is an amazing book.

 John  Green made a video on the politics of Central Africa recently and he made a point that Americans (and probably the rest of the world) wants there to be good guys and bad guys, a black and white clean cut scenario, but life isn't like that and I feel this book shows that in a more dilute fictional way, and I think that's why I didn't like the ending to be honest. I want there to be good guys and bad guys and the good guys catch the bad guys and thats that, but that isn't real life and this book shows that too. I would recommend seeing this and I am looking forward to seeing this as a film too.