Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lit Nit Wit: Revenge wears Prada

If you have not already guessed I am not a chick lit kinda gal, I blame that on the fact I started reading Danelle Steel and Marian Keyes at about 13 years old, I don't know if this was a good idea or a bad one.
Anyways a one of the few good ones was The Devil wears Prada, (I was 16 at the time). The fashions and the evil Editor who twisted people and morals of others to get the perfect cover photo, and poor fashion ignorant Brown Alumni Andy had to decide if a year of name forgetting, NY running, and general stress is worth the letter of recommendation from the demon Miranda, and what she will lose if she does.

Revenge wears Prada on the other hand..........I was expecting so much more for some reason. First of all the fact she was now best friends with Emily unnerved me, she always thought she was so much better then and now they run a magazine together????? Also the way she acted around her new husband is a bit unbelievable. Ok in one part I was not expecting a certain allegiance but then the ending was predictable and left me feeling as if I had wasted  a day of my life reading it,oh yes I read it in a day, thankfully.
By all means read the first book, enjoy the movie and the amazing clothes and all that, lets just forget there's a sequel.