Monday, 6 January 2014

Show and Tell 1

The first week of January is already over and so far the year has been interesting indeed.
I rang in the New Year in the Nightclub where I work with some champagne with my coworkers, and my New Year kiss (on the cheek) was my first ever crush.....from when I was like 6 yrs old. 

That blue dot is my brother
After eating our weight in turkey, ham and other assorted Christmas time goodies and making some resolutions (wearing jewelry and make up more frequently, taking better care of my skin and nails, not eating pasta, reading everyday) The fam and I headed to Mahon falls which is in Co. Waterford about 40 minutes from where I live. I don'k know why its been 23 years to get there. A lot of leaving certificate Geography words such as scree, U shaped Mountain, meanders were all mentioned. It was really fun walking, and climbing up and just being outside. And talk about fresh water :)

So Professional looking

To finish off the lads Christmas holidays the three of us and our cousin went bowling. I was slightly apprehensive about going as my name in secondary school was gutterball because I was just horrendous at the game but I didn't do to bad and we all had a grand aul time at the alley.

Home made Face scrub
Coffee and sugar scrub

I've gone through all my Honey and Sugar scrub (which honestly has done great stuff to my legs and I highly recommend making it) but I wanted to try one with coffee grounds as caffeine is supposed to do wonders with the toxins that build up in the legs. I found the wake me up scrub here but honestly if I was to do it again I would add more sugar and oil and decrease the amount of coffee (I'd maybe do equal parts brown sugar and coffee and use more than also increase the amount of oil) and DO be prepared to wash your shower down a few times. I also wanted to make a face scrub and the oatmeal face scrub appealed to me because of the porridge and also egg is good for shrinking pores, but with the milk and egg it only lasts a few days and does dry out but I just added water. I wasnt sure weather or not it worked well, but in the words of Ingrid AKA missglamourazzi  I had a zombie pimple and the scrub in combination with some sudocream dealt with it! I also thoroughly enjoyed the new episode of Sherlock. All in all not a bad week, start as you mean to go on and all that :)

How was your week???? Did you make any resolutions??