Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Time

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The last week has really flown and tomorrow is the last day of the year, I'm ready to leave this year and the things that went wrong behind and I am looking forward to 2014 and the adventures it will be.This year def had it good bits, visiting Paris and my Nursing Ball spring to mind.

To help me get into the Christmas Spirit I gallivanted up to Dublin and Dundalk to see some people and hear the music students of my old college sing a few lovely Christmas carols.

My first stop was Dublin and after a quick Burger and catch up with my friend I headed for Grafton street to see the windows in Brown Thomas (best way to describe it is to say it's the Irish Harrods) and I was not dissapointed. 
They had dressed the windows with Costumes from the nearby Gaiety Theatre and it was very Gatsby-esque). 

Bewleys Cafe had set up a Christmas party with puppets and there was even crowd sounds which all added to the party atmosphere.

Grafton Street definitely helped get me into the holiday mood. Christmas songs played by a saxophone and only the slightest bit of rain, there was a bit of swaying by myself.

 Next I headed up to Dundalk. I hadn't told mu friends I was arriving that day so hopefully it was a nice surprise for them. They have to wear ballgowns for their concert hence I had to dress up aswell, not ball gown attire but still, an attempt just the same. The carols were lovely, one of my housemates actually arranged one of the songs so the day was a lovely time indeed. There was also a drink or two involved in celebration of the success and the college librarian said she liked my hair!!

Myself and the Dolls
The normal christmas traditions occured in my house which involves new pajamas (and a christmas jumper for myself) reading the night before Christmas, waiting on the stairs until the door to the sitting room was unlocked (incase the 23, 21 and 14 year old decided to wake up even earlier than normal). We had 10 people for breakfast and bucks fizz before heading to the Christmas swim (I watched and applauded and that was as close to swimming as I got). We had a quiet lunch with just the five of us and then a nap may have been involved.......showing my age I guess...... and then all the family headed for Our grandmothers for sandwiches and lots of tea. It was the first time in about 6 years all 17 grandchildren were together so after a lot of coercing we all fitted into a photo.

A few Lovely presents included Season two of Game of Thrones, a mouse onesie, a scarf, an urban dictionary calender a  a thirty euro voucher for New Look which went on a lovely navy mac (down from sixty euro to eighteen) and a pair of jeggings, and a voucher for a local pharmacy which went towards a La Roche Posay Cleanser which I am excited to get using. My big present is Car Insurance and Lessons.  I had a provisional license when I was 18  but then I had exams and college so I never got round to putting the head down and learned to drive. That should be changing soon.

That was my Christmas! A bit more quiet now I'm working and dancing away behind a bar instead of infront of it, but a lovely time was had all the same. I hope you had a Lovely Christmas and I'll see ye all in 2014