Saturday, 7 December 2013

Home Living Week 1

If you read my last blog post you'll know all about my college situation and how that has ended :(
I had a meeting with the head of my course on Monday who was so lovely and is giving me all the info
I need to help me figure out stuff. You are now looking at a Health Studies graduate.
Not exactly near what I wanted but still I have a degree!

And Lets not even mention the packing

Last weekend it was decided that I'd move home for the next while which was a hard thing to come to terms with as I really never felt I belonged in my home town especially compared to the town where I went to college.

It was hard to leave my housemates (I've lived with one my entire time in college) but hopefully in the long run it'll work out that it was a good decision

Now that I have moved home I am going to make the best of it. I've got a job in a bar in town and I have been applying for other jobs in the health sector so that I can use the skills I have learned. I have started to do the things on my list such as start baking (made a Christmas cake on my own for the first time ever) and reading more and taking photos. And I watched Spirited away which is on the IMDB list so now I'm up to 57 movies. (Has anyone else seen that movie? what did you think of it??)

Today we picked out our Christmas Tree and that will be tackled tomorrow so that'll be fun, some Sinatra tomorrow will be lovely. I have chosen a few things to get for people and I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit

I should have put on my list last time I wanted to increase my running. I used to run three times a week but with the cold kicking in and sheer not wanting too, I was barely doing it once a week. This week I've ran twice (I use the app runkeeper to keep an eye on my runs FYI) and it's nice to be getting out of the house in the mornings!

My brothers and I getting ready to watch the Toy Show

 Oh also this coming week (the 11th) I'll be turning 23. Really can't believe it, Taylor Swifts '22' has been playing on and off the past week. (^.^)