Friday, 13 December 2013

Birthday Spa Evening

It was my Birthday on Wednesday, turned the right old age of 23. Now last year there was a birthday date complete with  Bourbon, Roses, Coffee and Choclate (A lot of my Favourite things) and the year before was my 21st which included two partys drinks and dancing!

This year was far more low key. Seeing as I'm single and living at home, and my birthday was a Wednesday nothing but some cousins coming over for swiss roll was arranged. I did sneak in a Jameson and 7up though (really yummy btw). 

That evening though I got a bit mopey, so to snap myself out of it I decided I'd have a spa night and give my hair and body a bit of TLC. Of course this was decided when  all the chemists were closed so i started googling DIY face mask and DIY body scrub and seeing could I make anything from what I already had in the house. I found a lovely sugar olive body scrub here and a cinnamon, nutmeg, honey face mask here ( I actually had no cinnamon so I used mixed spice and it worked just as well)

Once I had them made I headed upstairs to start. I used Baby oil to remove my eye makeup, cheap as chips and removes every smidgen of mascara and eye shadow. I then use a cleansing gel on the rest of my face to remove everything else. 

I jumped in the shower and washed my hair using The Alberto Balsam  Sunkissed raspberry Shampoo and Conditioner for normal hair. I am a rinse and repeat kinda girl when it comes to shampooing and to use up the conditioner at the same rate I use conditioner to shave my legs so they finish at about the same time

When it came to the body scrub I turned off the actual shower and really worked it all in. I was a bit worried about smelling like a beehive but I was fine. I have a small bit of eczema on my elbow and this didn't irritate it in the slightest. 

Then I used the Baylis and Harding moonlight lavender body wash which was part of a set I actually got for a birthday and never got round to using, until now.

I got out of the shower, moisturised my face using my  Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor face moistureiser and my body using the Baylis And Harding moonlight Lavender moisturising body balm also part of the set I got for my birthday, put some TRESemme Split remedy face mask in my hair, popped on a towel turban and put on the face-mask with my fingertip. i only put a thin amount on and avoided the eye area. I kept them on for over an hour as I watched Schindlers List (Its part of the IMDB 250 list and I happened to have it on my laptop) and rinsed the masks off. I hadn't used a Hair mask in a while and after I really could see the difference, my hair gets frizzy and uncontrollable when its too dry so it was really crying out for it. My face felt a bit tight after the face mask but its so soft after it, from now on  I wont leave it on for as Long.

I think these spa nights may become a more frequent thing, not only because there is still left over mask and scrub (they keep for 30 days, and work out so much cheaper than the ones you buy in the shop)

Would you ever try a DIY beauty trick like the ones I did