Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Am I the only one who thought people started putting up Christmas decorations particularly early this year??
I love Christmas as much as the next 22 (23 tomorrow actually) yr old but being able to buy Coke bottles with Santa on em at Halloween is a bit ridiculous! I for one would get sick of the decorations if I put them up really early, as in in November, but since the 8th has passed, the Christmas season has officially begun. It took us (my mother, my two brother and I) nearly four, yes FOUR hours to put all the stuff up but I think it was so worth it.I saw Jennie had The Christmas tag done over the weekend and I thought it looked fun, so I thought I'd do it too :)

Growing up we had really one Christmas movie in the house Jingle All the Way with Arnold  Schwarzenegger, he's not really a person you'd think of when you think of Christmas movies but it is very funny and I recommend it to all

What is your Favourite Festive Colour                                             Absolutely 100% Red, its just the most lovely warm colour and it  makes me happy 

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
It has become a tradition that  we each get a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve (as a result the majority of my pjs are Christmassy) so we unwrap them every year. All other Gifts are opened Christmas Day.

What is your Favourite Christmas Fragrance ?
A couple of years ago I got MissDior Cherie for christmas so it even reminds me of Christmas! It was my first ever proper High End perfume so I only ever used it on special occassions. Its on its last legs now and the top of the bottle is long gone but its a lovely scent with notes of caramel and cherry.

Om nom Costa

What is your Favourite Christmas Drink?
I don't have a regular favourite but I'll always try out
whatever costa has to offer this time of year.

CandyCanes or Gingerbread men??
Def Gingerbread men here! I actually make them myself using Sorted Foods Recipe.  They turn out really well and I can't wait to make them (and mincepies) this year, I'll probably do that in the next week :)

What is your favourite Christmas song???
I love the song Santa Baby! It's just such a cheeky  and fun song. BA-DUM :)

Have You Ever Made a Snowman?
We only started getting proper snow where I live in the last 5 years, I've been making up for lost time

What is The most important thing to you about Christmas??
Family is and always has been the priority to me for Christmas. I spend as much time as I can with them at Christmas and the whole family, all 40 of us head to our Nans house for Christmas night