Monday, 13 January 2014

Show and Tell 2

Hey there! Another week gone/flown past. It was an odd week as we had a death of an in law and heading to the next town over for three days to pay your respects and say goodbye, and hoping she's in a better place.

I like my new hair :)
First thing I did this week was get a hair cut. There is only an inch of a difference between my hair being cute and a nest really. I got a bit of a side fringe and I took some of the weight off and I'm far more happy with it. I started being silly with the shampoo and conditioner I've been using (just buying whichever is easiest) and I need to cop on and pay attention because it has gotten quite dry which doesnt help with the nest like appearance 

The start of the week was quite interesting. About two weeks ago Philip DeFranco mentioned the app Duolingo, an app to help learn languages. So I have downloaded and decided (don't ask me why) to start learning french. I learned it for a short time in Secondary School, and I forgot how hard the grammar is, but I am still doing the lessons everyday and I do get a bit proud of myself everytime I finish the lesson. I mentioned to the people I work with that I was and one of the guys said I should be learning some IT stuff instead. So I literally googled 'HOW TO HTML' and came across Codecademy and I am learning about how websites are created and how to edit them. I may never use these skills again but I have been learning things since I was 4 years old and I have no intention in stopping.

On Wednesday I scarpered up to the Big smoke to go out and visit my brother and my best friend, who is off to London in a few weeks. We had a lovely time and headed to The Old Oak where we had a huge heart to heart as the band played 'Wagon Wheel'. Then we headed to Fast Al's for pizza and we got a Rickshaw back to her place, we were chased for a while by a slightly drunk 19 year old but that only made the night more funny. 

And lets not forget Cafe Depeche. Hands down the best Chai Lattes in all of Cork, its also where my friend used to work so she knew everyone there. I finished the visit to Cork with a visit to Wagamamas. I believe I had the Nikujaga from their new lunch menu. I do love their Lemonade! 

have been appointed house cook it seems. Last week I eased myself into it with carrot and parsnip soup and cheese covered Cauliflower, and I really only made them because carrots, parsnips and cauliflower happened to be in the house, they turned out nice so whoo, never mind Jamie Oliver,

Two fairly random purchases this week. The first is
a Panda cross stitch. I did cross stitch for my Junior Certificate Home Economics project and I enjoyed it, so I picked this up for 2.50.
The other purchase was Dylons Colour Renovator. I have a pair of High Waisted Jeans from River Island and I've worn them quite a bit and they are getting faded so I  thought I'd try and revive them a small bit. I have only ever tried to dye something once and that was........unsuccessful so I'll let you know how that goes.

I've also discovered George Ezra via spotify this week. Glad I stumbled upon him. Really catchy song, not too shabby looking either  :)

Hope your week went well :) Are you learning anything outside your comfort zone ??