Thursday, 16 January 2014

Closet Confidential TAG

I saw Fleurdeforces' new tag come out about a month ago and
I thought I'd give the TAG a whirl. I had to think for a while about some of em to be honest.

1.Oldest Item: I've had these skinny jeans since the beginning of TY I believe. That's about seven years! I think they are just as cool as I did when I was 16! Since they are a low cut jeans I wear them with a longer t-shirt, I don't wear them quite as often as I did before, and I don't know why, the colour is lovely and they are very comfy jeans. Taking them out and trying them on has reignited a love for them again.

2.Newest Item/Biggest Bargain. I don't know if this is allowed but I did buy it very recently and it was a great bargain. I bought this in New Look with my Christmas Voucher. It was down from 60 Euro to 18 Euro, a massive bargain! I call this my Sherlock Jacket because it reminds of the one Benedict Cumberbatch wore, the colour and the collar and i dont care if you disagree in my head I am a consulting detective!!

3. Most Expensive Item: I bought this Guess bag the day of The World Cup while I was on my J1. I actually paid for this just with my tips from that day (it was a busy one). I think it was around $100 and I have used it to absolute death, I even used it today!

4.Cheapest/Most worn item: I LIVE in leggings! I do normally wear them with a shirt or long top, but they are just so comfy and easy to wear, particularly if I'm just doing a few things around the house!

5. Biggest Bargain: See 2!!

6. Biggest waste of money:  I'm going to be honest I don't think I have something to put here. When I moved down from college I had a huge clearout of clothes so I really only have things that I like and wear so I going to have to leave this blank.....

3 favourite items:

The first item that springs to mind are my high waisted jeans from River Island. I loved them so much I accidentally faded them quite a bit in a short time, but they have been revived with the help of Dylons Washing Machine Dye and I wore them for the time since the redye and I think they look all better again.

The second item is this grey pullover from The Gap. My aunt gave me this after she visited NYC on Black Friday a few  years ago. Holy God it is so so warm. It does shed a small but the fact it's such a nice shade of grey and again it is so so warm I don't mind.

Just call me Mrs. Holmes...

I got this scarf from my best friend Niamh K (when she saw it she just knew how much I'd like it) and its just lovely. It goes lovely with the "Sherlock Jacket" which is a great coincidence and I wear it so much. It is also from New Look and it such a lovely colour and design. Can you guess I like to wear blue :)

That was a lovely Tag. If you've done it send me on the links, I'm quite nosey and I'd like to have a peek inside your wardrobes :)