Sunday, 26 January 2014

Show and Tell 2

Somehow I never got round to writing one of these last week so now I have two weeks of activities (because I do SO many things..........)

What a coincidence this was what my calendar said on the
day of my date !
One of the more out of my comfort zone things I did do in the last few weeks was go on a coffee date ! It doesn't happen very often that I would go on anything at all resembling a date like ever  EVER but I had been chatting to him for a while on Tinder (nifty little app if you're single and want to see who's about) but I went and while the date wasn't the best thing (you won't be hearing any wedding bells from
me..........for a long time) and the coffee was definitely the best part (the cookie and cream desert in Cafe Depeche is also class), Even though it wasn't the most  successful adventure I was still happy out that I did it.

After the date I visited my brothers and I amused myself ordering a Dominoes pizza using the app (One of the worst things about moving from a big town to a small town is the lack of Dolminoes, Pizza hut and McDonalds... #firstworldproblems)

My friends, the frog and myself before the 'frog attack'
My lovely friend Sarah is moving Allll the way to Dublin so I've been trying to hang out with her as much as I can, we've been friends our whole lives, and are third generation friends (our fathers and grandfathers were all friends too). So last Friday we headed off to the cinema and decided we'd see The Wolf of Wallstreet. I thought it was a really really good film and if anyone else has seen it can we agree the Country club scene (don't want to spoil anything so I'll just say Country Club scene) was one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen! I don't know if Mr Leo will win an Oscar but we shall see!

This week she also had a night out in Cork City. It was a Thu so  we headed to The Voodoo Rooms because its 21s so I didn't feel very old so that's always good. Saying that the super sized Jenga and Connect four and The animal balloon man were highly entertaining. We had a balloon frog....until someone bit it and we were all heartbroken!!

I have half started doing yoga too. I was running and all of a sudden my back starts aching and got worse and worse over two days, so I youtubed Yoga for beginners and, really enjoyed it. I've to look into Yoga classes near me but so far the youtube tutorials are doing just fine for the moment. Being more flexible is not going to do me any harm at the very least :)

My most recent discovery is Orphan Black!! OH my, its some show!!! It only has one season so far so I am not allowing myself marathon it. It follows the story of Sarah Manning who on just returning to NYC witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. Its so quick paced and I'm actually addicted. If you're like me and you have to IMDB everything before you watch it. hold back on IMDBing it until you get to the 3rd episode, just trust me :)

Oh also I finished my cross stitch of the panda!
My panda looks slightly more evil than the one in the picture but I'm happy out with it :)

That has been my RIVETING two weeks. I think I may start doing outfit posts so you can see what I wear on Boy Dates and Girl Dates etc. I'm off now to go for a run and head to more going away drinks. Its so ironic when I come back to my home town after 4 years, my three best friends are all leaving.... have a nice week :)