Saturday, 1 February 2014


Over the past couple of weeks I've been quite bold. I've just been ignoring my faces' needs, not cleaning it properly and also the weather has gotten colder and stormier and my face has declared WAR and its in a not great way! As a big apology to my poor skin I headed to the kitchen and made not 1, not 2 but THREE DIY skin treatments as I slap myself on the wrist and remind myself my skin aint getting any younger!
Looks good enough to eat...

The first treatment was a lip scrub I made was based on Essie Buttons DIY lip scrub.
My mother bought a tub of coconut oil and used it once so I helped myself to it
The consistency was not what I expected so I had to heat it and then I also added Olive oil to the recipe.
I most definitely did not taste and love it........

I had noticed the sides of my face were getting particularly dry and had no face scrub handy so the next thing I made was the Coconut Oil Lemon and Sugar scrub . Again I heated the coconut oil and added some olive oil. When it was first made I was a bit worried about the consistency but it hardened back up and it smells so good!

I have only in the last few days finished my last Honey, Nutmeg and Cinnamon facemask so I was browsing and saw a Avocado facemask! I figured with all that natural oil and it tasting so yummy there's no way its not gonna be good for my face. I only used half and avocado and then added the other ingredients by eye to get to the consistency needed. I used half the avocado because:
A- with a fresh ingredient like avocado it wont last very long and 
B- I like eating em so much I couldnt bear making it all inedible.

I will report back with feelings on them after I've used them a few times. They all look good enough to eat though :)