Friday, 14 February 2014

What's on my iPhone ?

I am unashamedly an iPhone addict, if I don't know where it is I would almost get palpitations. It has my life on there and I went into the worst withdrawals around the time it needed to get its battery checked. (Best money I spent....ok not really but still). I wanted to show you my prized possession and some of the secrets it hides...

First of all my cover, yes its a penguin and no the wings do not annoy me (they have ripped a small bit but they're still hanging on). Its a rubber case, which is great for when i drop it and have mini  heart attacks. I get slightly worried everytime I don't have it in a case and don't understand how people can have iPhones and not have some kind of case! Im not the only one sporting this (super cheap btw ) case. Whitney Port of  'The City' fame instagrammed this pic fairly recently showing off her new tattoo and simply adorable case.

I'm always very interested as to what people have as their   background photos, significant others pets themselves etc as I think it says quite a bit about themselves.Mine happen to me Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover of Time magazine and Mickey Mouse with an afro, I'm not precisely sure what that says about me other than I am a part of the Cumberbatch Collective......

I have my phone fairly organised. The first folder is where I have stashed all the apps that I never use but cant delete (the stock app, and facetime and passbook for example) then a folder with the apps I use occasionally (settings, calculator) then I have all my other apps colour coordinated kinda.
As you can see I have a few social media apps (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google plus) as well as my two running apps, The Runtastic has replaced Runkeeper but really I think they are both as good as each other. I'm continue to learn French with Duolingo and though it's getting more difficult I'm sticking to it. Then finally are my two guilty pleasures Tinder and Hay Day, which I have spend far too much time on but they both make me giggle.                                                       My phone is only a tiny 8mgs so I keep the apps to a minimum and this way I only have apps I actually use.

p.s The Google Plus Auto Save function is actually a life saver because you can see all your photos online and the Auto Awesome is a fun little extra to look at.

whats your fave app??