Tuesday, 4 February 2014

On My Face: Cinema

As I think I said already in a previous blog my lovely friend Sarah is upping sticks and moving to Dublin.
We are third generation friends and have known each other our whole lives, so I am very excited for her and her move. I can hear the Dublin Nightlife calling our names already... :)

Last weekend she asked would we go to the cinema and of course I jumped at the chance. My town doesn't even have a cinema anymore so off we trotted 25 minutes away to go see Wolf of Wall Street
(quickie review: was highly entertaining and I've never heard an entire cinema laugh so much during one particular scene, don't know if there's an Oscar for Mr Dicaprio though)

So this is what I had on my face

I didn't want to wear foundation cause I really didn't want to so I just  used the Phwoarr Paint on any blemishes and redness around my nose.

I then applied Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream blush in Nude velvet. I like to apply this with my ring finger.

I swept Bourjois Paris Color Edition 24h eyeshadow  in Or Desir all over my lid.

 I lined the bottom of my eyes with Urban Decays Psychedelic Sister for a bit of a change and then used my No 7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara (Brown Black).
Finally I dusted my face with a face powder from Maybelline which has been discontinued, and my nude Gosh lipgloss which I have had forever.

So that was my Friday night. It was lovely hanging out with my lovely friend while she still lives nearby