Saturday, 12 April 2014

What I've been...

Eating: I am starting to fall for those yummy prepared salad things in Tesco, but they are fairly expensive for what they are, so when I see one in the reduced area I am all over it. This week I tried the spicy couscous and it was amazing, I'm sure I could make it myself but when its already made and just begging to be bought I oblige.
I know I'm late to the party here but I only just had red velvet cake this week, home made by my friend, who only made it because he knew I was not eating choclate (Lent is so almost over, thankfully)

I've been making my way through the IMDB Top 250 Films of all time and this week I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which was such a good film. (It won 5 Oscars the year it was released). I recommend this film to no end.
I was fairly late to the party when it came to Game of Thrones, but then I watched the three seasons in 5 days and was hooked majorly, I've actually met Littlefinger, and the forth season has started and I am tres excited!

Listening to:  Pharrell Williams' Album Girls has not left my ears. The song 'Happy is my go-to running song, it leads to dunning (dancing and running hybrid) but I'm off in my own little world so its all the one to me. The song Come get it bae and Gush and Marilyn Monroe are so catchy too. 

This week I also went to the play 'Grease' in Cork Opera house. If you can go, go I was singing along and swaying and I enjoyed every second. The cast were amazing and the dance moves were phenomenal and the casting itself was spot on. I love going to plays and this was just a great friday night experience

I started my job this week, I am so excited about it, to be doing something and being back in a hospital working. Getting up before 7 isn't even that bad at the moment! 
How was your week?

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