Friday, 4 April 2014

How to get over man flu

I don't often get sick, particularly since I've worked in hospitals I've been surrounded by sick people and bugs so my immune system is borderline Hulkish! Even my Hulk of an immune system has its off days like Monday night till yesterday. Even then I was only bed bound until 10pm Tuesday and it was only a headache after. I'd like to give some advice for the day you are sick and the days after.

Eat and Drink: The only thing I ate tuesday was cake and chips (that is totes allowed on sick days...) but the days after, particularly if its a stomach problem, stick to blandish food and protein. I had avocado on toast and a boiled egg for example. The days you are sick and the days after you MUST re-hydrate, hot or cold but fluids are essential! A few alcoholic beverages (if you are old enough to drink, and again your stomach feels up to it) can kill off the last of the bugs too..........(don't quote me on that)

Get of your bed: ASAP get out of there! Strip your bed, get dressed in really comfy clothes, walk the dog, have some food, have a shower! There is nothing better than a shower after you've been ill and you can just feel instantly much better. Treat yourself a bit too, I put on a rehyrating face mask (your skin get dehydrated when your sick too). When it comes to leaving the don't plan on running a marathon the day after a sick day, being ill takes a lot of energy out of you.
Uggs are a must when you are recovering :)

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