Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What I've been (#2)

Quinoa porridge (recipe from here). I saw this mentioned in a few blogs and I thought I'd give it a try. It was really yum, but I can only get small bags of quinoa and its not cheap, so I'll be sticking to my muesli. Monte Cristo sandwich which is a cheese and ham sandwich dipped in egg and fried, so horribly bad for you but so tasty. Lemony roast chicken couscous (recipe from here) I had a load of couscous that I wanted to use up and I found this and I love toated pine nuts so this was a winner. I didn't want to buy mint and instead I used avocado and I ate it both hot and cold and it was just as good either way

Going to:
Kaizoku con was a convention held in UCC over the weekend my brothers and I went to. The norm is to cosplay at these things so I braided my hair and put on some boots and a gilet and I was Ygritte from Game of Thrones. We watched Pokemon origins (don't judge me) and ninja was played and there was really cool nerdy things for sale.

Finally saw The Princess and The Frog. I know all Disney movies are cute but this film was soo cute, the songs are catchy, the main character has such a cool attitude, highly recommended.
The How I met your mother finale was on last night and a lot of people are quite angry about how it ended. I don't think it ruined anything, and the scene with Barney and 'The love of his life' was really adorable.