Saturday, 26 April 2014

How I blowdry my hair

I don't often blowdry my hair (pure laziness) I should because my hair kinks and goes utterly crazy when I don't. I have a lot of hair   ( I mean A LOT) and my hair type is normal/dry and even though I get stick for my hair colour I like it.

When I do decide to blowdry it these are the products I use and how I go about drying it.

Before I dry my hair I apply Aussie Take the Heat to my ends and I applied the Toni & Guy Boost-It Mousse to my roots for a bit oomp to the hair. I dry it using the Babyliss Elegance Hairdryer. I once read a Rod Stewart interview and he said he blowdried his hair upside down and to the opposite way you want it to lie (If you want your parting to go to the left blowdry it to the right) another tip is when your hair blast it with the cold setting to close the cuticle of the hair (it stops moisture getting into your hair and frizzing it up).


This is the end result. It takes me a while to dry my hair 100% but when I do I love how my hair looks.