Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lit Nit Wit: Casual Vacancy

I honestly did not know how much of a Potter fanatic I was really till last Thursday and I met someone with blue hair and refused to call her anything but Tonks for the evening. She and her husband started calling my Ginny in return and that made me overly pleased altogether. Anyway when I saw The Casual Vacancy in the Library by the one and only Ms JK Rowling I had to read it. Obviously I knew it was going to be anything like Harry Potter but I still wanted to read it

The book begins with Barry who is a parish Councillor in the english village of Pagford dying on his wedding anniversary, and how his death and the space left in parish council means especially as two major issues surrounding an area of Pagdord known as The Fields are coming up.
The Book tells the story coming from no less than 18 villagers who are all connected to each other be it being class mates family customers, partners. I found all the names a bit confusing but thats more so because I am terrible with names anyway!

This book delves into family and village living and plays on the fact that  everyone knows everyone in a village like Pagford and everyone has secrets and dirty laundry and things no one outside a house should know. It examines the complexity of relationships, family life and what people will do for they're family, bullying,mental health and addiction  and the effects that has on people  and the power the internet.

The imagery was something that also stuck out at me "A used condom like a cocoon" sticks out to me.
And I did NOT see that ending!!

This book is an adult book, which I would absolutely recommend
What are you reading at the moment