Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lit Nit Wit: Twins

Saskia Sarginson The Twins was the book I chose randomly in the library this particular visit.
Isolte & Viola are twins (surprise surprise) who grew up with their troubled mother in the English countryside. The story is seen mostly through the eyes of an adult Isolte in the early 90's, but it does also examine Viola (who spends the majority of the story in a hospital bed as she struggles with a eating disorder). There is also flashbacks to the early 70's when they were 12 when they were galavanting around the countryside with a another set of twins and 14 in London and eventually back in the countryside once more.

 The twins go through a lot as children one trauma after another, the big one is kept until the end which I both dreaded and was almost looking forward to, to see what lead to a chain reaction that lead the twins to go off to become the adults they are.

This story shows how emotions such as grief, love trauma, when not dealt with properly particularly as children without the support of appropriate can lead to gapping tears and strains as adults 

This is a fairly dark book but I enjoyed it, it's kinda like a modern fairytale with love and dark towers and witches