Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Some yummy (gluten free) Treats

So quite a lot of people have hopped on the gluten free diet bandwagon. I myself thought I was intolerent for absolutely ages, but it turned out it was just I was so stressed my stomach was actually in knots and that was actually my problem... Fun times. I think theres a video going round, where people on gluten free diets are asked what gluten is, and they had no idea what it is...(its the part of wheat, that gives the chewy texture FYI). But I have been watching what I eat and I thought having some more gluten free things would do me no harm! Also it turns out I don't eat enough protein so that's a thing I need to do....

I am getting back into running after a 7 weeks of injury......and the big thing after exercising is getting your protein in, I got the idea to have some banana and egg pancakes after watching Amelia Lianas Video. I just googled banana egg pancakes and I found this blog post, which gives the ingredients and directions and all that jazz. I used nutmeg instead of cinnamon and it was really easy to make and cook and of course super delish

All my likes on Tumblr are recipes and I mean ALL of them!! I was looking through it some time in the last week and I refound a recipe for Gluten Free Cookies! I am proud of past life Niamh for saving that recipe for later. I couldn't get the peanut butter recommended in the video but I think they turned out pretty well. I have attempted to make normal cookies and these ones turned out much better! My brother is a picky eater and he had no idea it was gluten free and did not realise the main ingredient was peanut butter!

Have you any lovely gluten free treats???