Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lit Nit Wit: The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules

Is it just me or does this book design look verrrry like the book design of The 100 who climbed out of the window and ran away?? They were both written by swedish authors...

Anyways..... This story follows 79 year old Martha and her four friends and fellow residents of Diamond House Residential home. They have decided that their treatment in the home (due to cutbacks, the meals aren't fresh and the gym is closed to residents). They come to the conclusion they would be better cared for in prison compared to where they are now, and create a plan to work out how to get there! They want to show they are not old coots who do nothing but knit, or what ever they are expected to do.

Right to avoid being TOO spoilery I did like this book, being honest which I never thought I'd say its a bit quick at the start, by about page 7 everyone has been convinced that carrying out this plan is a good idea, I'd like to think it would take a little while to convince me to go to prison, even if it was with all my friends.

I work with old people frequently who are often unwell so its reassuring to read about old people who still have sense of adventure!! Swedish authors are just cranking out some good stories at the moment!