Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nars Orgasm is finally mine!!

I love Jennies' blog, she is really lovely, and always replies to comments and tweets and her blog is just so cute. She announced she was having a blog sale I just knew I'd have to have a look!

The thing that stuck my eye was the Nars Orgasm (I have been positively swooning over it, especially since I tried it on in France, positively almost cried when I couldn't go home with it) Nars Orgasm is a peachy pink with a hint of shimmer. The term cult classic is thrown  around quite a bit, but this is a bonafide Cult Classic!

I emailed her lickity split asking if I'd be able to buy it. She sent it along with two lovely samples, a Benefits Watts Up (A lovely Highlighter) and a sample of Cha Cha tint (A mango lip and cheek tint).

When they arrived I was actually so excited I tried them all on immediately. I applied the blush with one of  my new brush (the angled face brush) I blended the highlight in a C shape from the top of my cheekbone to the top of my eyebrow. I applied the tint to my lips, took two layers to get a nice flush of colour

Oh they are all so pretty. I can see why its high in demand!! A lovely investment, for something I'm going to use again and again.