Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lit Nit Wits: Uglies

What?? Something not Swedish or about World war 2?? I know right! I heard about this first through Carrie Fletcher. I was actually looking to see if there were any John Green books in the library hence I was in the Young Adult section and I've read The Hunger games (all three in four days thank you very much) and I thought it would be a good aul read.

This story follows the life of Tally approximately 300 years in the future. Everyone is born "ugly" and from the ages of 12-16 are sent to dorms where they all regularly mock each other and call each other names, on your 16th Birthday you are brought to hospital and made "pretty". If your eyes were too far apart or your forehead too large, this was all solved, you are even given new skin.

All of Tallys friends have been made pretty so as she is waiting to become pretty she meets Shay who doesn't seem to believe Tally is ugly and questions the benefits of becoming "pretty". Shay disappears before her 16th Birthday and Tally has to find her or she will never be allowed have the surgery.

This was a Young adult book, so I flew through it (I had it finished in one) but it is a must read for anyone particularly 12-16 year olds, there is nothing particularly graphic or anything like that. The book demonstrates that if people continuosuly are exposed to a "perfect" image they should aspire to they believe it, it shows the power of continuous off hand comments affect people. This is the first of three books (the sequels are called Pretties and Specials) and I am looking forward to reading them