Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Olaz Regenerist electric Facial brush

When I turned 21 I bought the Clarisonic Mia in blue and it is a fact I am immensely happy with even with the fact my mother didn't talk to me properly for two days after because of the cost, but I digress, I never had bad skin as a teenager but my Mia was such a good investment especially at the sides of my nose and when my chin got hormonal. After one to many drops in the shower though my poor Mia died a sad death and my skin and I were in bits!

A few weeks ago the sides of my nose were being particularly red and sore and I decided it was time I purchased a new facial brush, the only problem being I couldn't justify getting another Mia, unfortunately, so instead I headed to one of my new favourite sites Amazon (someone is very late to the party I know) and looked to see what had good reviews and didn't cost an arm and a leg. In walks in the Regenerist face brush by Olaz (the german version of Olay) and I knew I had chosen a good one.

Unlike the Clarisonic, this comes with a AA battery so I wouldn't bring this into the shower and it also does not turn off after a specific time, I don't go over a minute, I don't want to overwash my face. On the plus it has two speed settings and the side of my nose doesn't look like its been sandpapered!! I use it with both my lush and La Roche Posay cleanser and actually it comes with a sample of an Olaz cleanser aswell.

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