Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Concert time : Biffy Clyro

Fun fact of the day: Up until the 27th June I had never been to a concert before. 4 years ago I did get tickets to go to Oxygen,but instead I went to America for the summer (I think that was a good choice, but still).Anyway when I saw Biffy Clyro were playing The Marquee and I was thinking about if I'd go, but I didn't want to ask anyone to go with me I don't like asking people to do things like that, it's not cheap and.. I don't know I just don't. But then I saw Abbys' video about going to a concert on my own, and I took it as a sign.

Finally Friday arrives. I did start getting really excited especially at the walk up to the Marquee, for some reason I didn't realise what a Marquee would look like. eejit dot com. The support act I saw were plastic rose and they got everyone riled up. At 9 the band arrived and the place erupted.
Seeing as I hadn't been to a concert before it was my first time experiencing the feeling of seeing these singers and seeing them react and play off from the energy of the crowd. I'm almost sad it took me this long to feel it and sing and experience it to be honest. Even when it was just Simon and the lights down singing, or seeing bubbles in the crowd as 'Bubbles' was performed. It has only been a few days but every time I've heard their songs on my iPhone I can't help but smile and get that feeling again. And now I feel like I can wear a BC t-shirt, almost as if I am a proper legit fan. Yay

Photo: Irish Examiner