Monday, 21 July 2014

London and I 3

I promise this will be my last gush about London......for a while anyway :)

One of the main things I love about London is the food. I had planned to head straight to Giraffe on Embankment the minute I arrived, I may have gone to a Giraffe everyday I was in London,  I just love the place. After hearing Lily Pebbles talk and talk about The Breakfast Club I headed there too, I had pancakes and bacon (bacon and syrup is amazing). Le Pain Quotidien serves an awesome breakfast too and serves Bowls of coffee and I mean BOWLS. The Haagen Dazs restaurant is a cool (get it? ) place for dessert in Leister Square too

Friends: Other than the food...A huge reason I went over was to visit my friends. All the people in the photo are Irish friends that moved over there, mostly in the last year. It was great seeing them and it gives me an excuse to head over there again soon.

 Love Fest: I only found out about this the day before I went to London when I was reading Zoey
Dechanels website and it was really a lovely way to start my trip. I'd heard of the Museum of Broken relationships before and to go and see all the mementos and the notes accompanying them is truley remarkable, there are shoes, hats, rings, teddy bears, even an unworn wedding dress. There was a place to write your own love confessions too. There was another room which was built like a 1970s office where the agony aunts from Jackie magazine replied to letters sent in. I spend a while laughing at the replies which were attached to the wall and again there was an area where people could leave notes this time answering Things I wish I'd known at 15.

Brick Lane: In all my years going to London I'd never been to Brick Lane. It is known for being cool for a reason!! While we were there, there was a graffiti exhibition on, and watching someone spray paint art is something I could do for hours. There was a load of galleries around the area and we saw a Banksy and a Warhol in the same Gallery.The only thing I'd say is DO NOT eat before you arrive like we did cause there's so much food there!!
Harry Potter at Warner Brothers Studios:         It was actually my dad that suggested we go to the studios. The rest of my family are going in August so I was the Guinea Pig to see what it was like. It is unbelieable, Diagon Alley, The Ministy of Magic, Dumbledoors office, The weasleys home, the list goes on! If you grew up with Harry Potter like I did or are any kind of fan, you'll truely enjoy it. I really almost cried three times..      

I just thought these were funny.....

Ha ok Fangirling over London Finished, back to normal programming now... what even is that?? Have you been to London?