Sunday, 5 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 3

Saturday: Ever since I saw the ad for Cinderella (while waiting for Into the Woods to start of course) I knew I was going to see it as soon as it was out. I arrabged to go to the cinema with the same person I went to see Into the Woods with. First we headed to Cork Coffee Roasters which was really good. Cinderella was adorable and the costumes were amazing and I highly recommend it. It was one of my friends work colleagues birthday so we headed out for a couple of drinks too. It was unfortunate I had two boxes of brownie mix in my bag that I had to lug around...oh well.

Sunday: The reason for said brownie mix was it was my housemates birthday and I made brownies the week before and I promised I'd make them again. We also got him a blanket cause he's always cold. And we headed to Wild West Wings with one of his friends. We got the started Nachos, Ribs and wings (there's different types of wings, but I can't remember which ones). The Ribs were absolutely amazing btw, literally melt in the mouth. We finished our night in The Old Oak where we saw Ireland draw in the soccer.

Monday-Thursday: I stayed home these four days, after a relation died Monday morning, far too young. I did go back to cork Thursday for a leaving party for one of my friends (they're starting to leave already #sob).

Friday: I'm after having a huge clearout of both of my wardrobes and so of course I had to buy other clothes to replace the one's I got rid of. The coachella collection at H&M is so nice I bought a palm tree two piece (skirt and croppish top). I also got some swimwear for Barcelona ( so excited btw) and a denim dress from pennies. I was all ready to head home when I got a text from a friend (a french friend of course) and he was on the bus to cork so I hung around for a few more hours to go for coffee with him, at Italee of course. I headed home and went to a taize service as it was Good Friday. Some of the family came over for tea and hot cross buns and I was informed by my aunt, who was a hairdresser that I needed to get a haircut, I appreciated the straight forwardness