Sunday, 12 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 4

Saturday:I wasn't even sure if I'd find somewhere to cut my hair, particularly as it was the Easter weekend, and we had spent all morning cleaning the house. But I wandered into a hairdressers I
wouldn't normally go to, and they were able to fit me in. I dont think my hair has ever been as long , the hairdresser had to get me to stand so she could cut the ends of my hair. I also got a fringe, exciting. My friend is in college in Dublin at the moment and she was returning for the weekend with her boyfriend, so we all headed out, I went out hard altogether....My brother and I had a great chat at 4.30am while I was trying to hide easter eggs.

Sunday: Easter Sunday! Today was a good day to be hungover. After mass (as the priest was walking out of the church he was giving out creme eggs), it's roast lamb day as well as chocolate egg day, my brother  stole my main egg, the brat! One of our grandmothers and uncles had dinner with us, which of course is always nice. We then headed to our other grandmothers house, and there was cousins who aren't around much, and more food! We finally headed home, and watched Batman and Robin.

Monday: It's the start of April and the weather is amazing!! I was even invited to a Barbeque in Cork city, I was at home so I couldn't go, I was helping my mother with her college work. I finished watching the second season of Brooklyn 99, which is just hilarious.

Tuesday: Today my dad went back to England, so we went to airport to drop him off. My brother and I went to buy gym clothes for him, cause he's starting to go to the gym now. We went to Waterstones which we normally do. Mam collected him after a while, and I stayed in the city, its beer pong day don't you know, even though I didn't play, I go to talk to everyone (creep really) I met a few people who are living in a hostel, cause in Cork its getting more and more difficult to find somewhere to live

Wednesday: I headed home in the morning to help my mother with college stuff again. I watched a lot of  Broad City and I decided to finally book somewhere to stay in Barcelona. A few months ago I asked on facebook was there any recommendations and one of my friends suggested I try AirBnB, and I researched it a lot and looked  at the locations of the places and the reviews the people gave so I booked it. It's a good price for a single bed in a good location, I'll let you know how it goes

Thursday: I was actually invited to another Barbeque, this time I was even able to go, so I got my lamb burgers and headed on over where as usual I was the only irish person at the house. I had sushi for the first time ever, and i had a lovely time altogether, as the evening went on we actually crossed the road from one house to another house, where another person at the party was living to get as
much sun as possible. With my fringe and sunglasses on, from my cheeks got sunkissed (burnt). We said we'd meet up that evening again, so i headed home, watched the final episode of Breaking Bad (yes only this week. the final four episodes will go down in history). I didn't know many people from the party, and the one girl I did know became ill, so I just headed to the bar I liked in town and it turned out some of my beerpong friends were already there so I hung out with them for the night, some of the guys from the barbeque ended up there too. There was a bit of a touchy feely episode with another guy, that put me in a bit of bad mood for a while, but I tried to just dance on and forget about it.

Friday: In a still not great mood/slightly foggy, hungover mood I basically stayed indoors in my room and watch moone boy, not giving anything away but Paul Rudd is in the last episode in the third season, which I think is amazing, the show itself is amazing in all honesty. I eventually got outside and went for a walk around the city and everytime I go walking I see something new, I still feel like such a novice to this place