Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 6

Saturday: The countdown to going back to work is on! I actually did a shift in a pub I used to work in on short notice. It was interesting it was like I never left in one sense but the manager said I had changed in the weeks I had been away which I thought was so interesting actually. I think maybe I may be more quiet in myself, just because I had so much time on my own. I have such a fear of annoying people that I'd rather not message them too much. I live with a close friend (well we've become friends since moving in together) so I had him in the evenings but for most of the day I'd be alone walking around. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing.

Sunday: For some reason I have done very very few Irish touristy things in Ireland. I've never been to galway, the cliffs of Moher or even seen the Blarney stone. Ardmore is a village close to me and there is a famous cliff walk that I have never done,until this Sunday.The day was dry and windy, a
grand aul day to be walking around the side of a country. It is so lovely, not too long and the views are gorgeous.There is a part of a crane (possibly from an oil rig) just washed against the cliff and old look outs and you end up walking past the famous St Declans round tower. If you ever have a free afternoon around there I highly recommend it. Maybe round park beside the beach when the tide is very high as you could get drenched in a wave as my brother (who was holding a soon to melt 99) and I found out.

Monday: Finally it had arrived, the day my mothers last assignment got finished. It was a day I remember fondly.........ok not really, but she's finished them all now, and only has a practical left to do around the start of May so happy days for both of us.

Tuesday: Mother had to go to hospital today (boo) but I got a spin to Cork (yay). My final sick note was handed into the hospital and I gave the days I'd be working the following week, so it all felt more real. To celebrate I wandered into the Wilton Farmers market, which technically wasn't open yet....and had a breakfast crepe (the egg had two yolks BTW!!!!!) and a macchiato which I accidentally ordered but it was so nice and made me feel more grown up (ain't nobody got time for milk). A few weeks ago I tried to give blood but because my arm was injured I wasn't able, so today since its basically all better I tried again. I explained what happened to the nurse and I was allowed (whoo). If you can give blood do people!! Tuesday is of course beer pong day but I won't be able to go for the next three weeks with work and holidays (Barcelona I'm a coming). I decided to do an alcohol consumption (do not try at home kids). So 6 pints cider + 3 shots -1 Pint of blood = a really honest almost too honest Niamh.......... At least now I know..............

Wednesday: Today was an utterly duvet day, I did nothing and it was amazing.

Thursday: Last week I went on my first run (6 miles) and I attempted 8 miles this Thursday and wasn't able, I got an awful pain up my left hip so after I reached mile 6 I decided to just walk the final 2 miles, so I travelled 8 miles, I just staggered through the final 2 miles.

Friday;  I had physio today! whoo!! my homework is to hop on my leg, it was hilarious tbh, he was asking what I was gonna do for the weekend, and I had to ask was I able to wear heels ( I didn't particularly want to but it was good to know whether or not I could).

And so ends my diary of an invalid. I knew it would seem long as I was going through it but now looking back it did go quite quickly. I didn't read as much or listen to as much music but still, my arm is better and my sanity survived. I may be slightly different to people, but I think thats interesting. Thanks for reading