Monday, 20 April 2015

Diary of an Invalid 5

Saturday: I have had so many quiet days in such a long time. I spent today reading and scrap booking, and probably watching 7 episodes of broad city or listening to 3 episodes of Dan Savage. I feel so much more open minded, and relaxed really. When you're more of "an adult", and with friends away and parents are doing college stuff you kinda learn to chill on your own and stuff. I leave the house for a while every day just to not lose my mind, and to see cork and kinda see what happens when i go up a road I haven't gone before, my perception of cork is off cause there would be some areas you'd only ever drive to,so you cant figure how to walk there
Sunday; My housemate returned from his week away from London with a big bag of M&Ms from
M&M world in London, as well as big load of Spanish meats from his parents. He showed us more Irish housemates how them Catalonians eat meat with tomatoes and oil and nom, no wonder they live so long!! 

Monday; See Saturday

Tuesday: I went for day drinks with 2 italians 3 spaniards and a Korean in a bar, I had to be shown by said Italians. Beer Pong Day. I.E I go to An Brog to shout at French men as you do.It's getting more and more popular, a 4th table is going to be added to the courtyard. There was the grand total of three irish girls at the bar. I'm not complaining but I was explaining to the new girl this was the norm, before helping her for her date. How do people get dates?? I asked her and she was super brave and asked him for a lighter when they got off a bus, so clearly I need to start smoking! ha ha 

Wednesday: Today I was back in the hospital for Physio. I was really put through my paces and he discouraged me from returning to work the following week or competing in a run my mother was doing the next day. It was painful but I knew it would be worth it cause if not I could end up needing surgery to strengthen my arm. I was given new exercises to do and another appointment for the following Friday. I was then somehow talked into going to The Old Oak to watch the Barcelona soccer game. In the last few months I've watched two entire Soccer games, which is a record! Really!! soccer just isn't my sport but my friend is from around there so talking to him is what interests me. I decided to head home that evening to help with a college thing

Thursday; Today was spent on college work for an assignment my mother is doing. She did a reflection on nursing a transgender woman.  This was not something she had looked into or thought about I think and it was interesting to see her reactions to the unfortunate experiences some transgendered people in hospital settings. She was really affected by the stories and I think she is conscious of some of the experiences of that group and will be a better person to them in general.

Friday; My brothers and I are going through The Batman movies at the moment, we  are on Batman and Robin this week, I liked it, even if it is supposed to be the worst of the Batman movies. This was either the first or second movie I ever saw in the cinema. I think it was the second after Space Jam!! We were talking to my dad today and he may have tickets for the Ireland, England World Cup warm up game in September, I am very excited,  I now need to get an Ireland jersey ASAP