Sunday, 29 March 2015

Diary of an Invalid 2

Saturday: Today was the start of the Sport weekend extravaganza!! Super Saturday Rugby style Three games!! Six and a half Hours!! And one stupid french player induced heart attack!! But Ireland Won !! Two Six Nations in a row, and my favourite player of all time Paul O'connell, be still my beating heart, won player of the six nations!! Bring on the World Cup in September!!

Sunday: Second day of the Sport weekend extravaganza! I live with a Valencian guy who's mad about sports so of course I had to bring him to a Hurling match. He told his friends so there was a group of 11 spanish/italian people and I watching the Cork/Tipp game in Pairc i Rian, they were all slightly confused about the sliotar and the hurley but they had a great time. Xavi, Jaume and I then had Dominoes, ya can't beat Dominoes. In the evening we went to The Old Oak to watch the Barcelona, Real Madrid game, to me those 90 minutes went slower than the 6 and a half hours the day before, but the men sitting behind me had a huge bag of sunflower seeds so I was happily munched away. Someone tried to use my broken elbow to get my number, can't blame a guy for trying.

Monday: Plans were made and cancelled and postponed and remade Monday, so annoying. To calm down I headed to the Crawford Gallery in the city,cause sure why not. There is a lot of art that was painted pre-famine work, it's interesting to see how Cork was and how successful it was back in the day. In the evening I headed home to meet my friend before she went back to London and to be a soundboard for my mother, when she was doing her assignments.

Tuesday: Headed back to the city today. I attempted to listen to the new Drake album, I was really not feeling it to be honest,I didn't even have a favourite song!! Of course Tuesday is Beer Pong day so of course I headed there for a creep as normal, few Fran Wells all is good.

Wednesday/Thursday; Headed home again cause I'm such an amazing daughter, and the amazing sound board that I am, and a lot of work got done whooo. I had a second unfinished album, today it was haim, eventually I think all there stuff kinda sounds the same, not entirely a bad thing but I couldn't listen to their entire album in one go.

Friday: Woke up at the crack of dawn (ok 8.05) cause I had to head to the hospital for a check up for my arm, and they referred me to the physiotherapist. Turns out its gonna take 6-8 weeks to heal not 4 weeks like the doctor told me in A&E, which is annoying, but I'm not supposed to use my sling anymore so I can wear jackets and stuff so that's good. Today I decided to take a walk on the north side of the city, I have no knowledge of the area, and I've never been in some of the churches. It was funny at one stage I was like oh my god there's so much I've never seen and then I turned a corner and I realised where I was and how small the city is, which I like its petit :)