Saturday, 21 March 2015

Diary of an Invalid Week 1

Last saturday was supposed to be a lovely day, it was the first day of 13 days off, I was going to go for a nice long run and Ireland were going to beat Wales............NEITHER of those things happened. I was just after hitting mile 4, there was a group of six in front of me so I ran onto the road, a bus was coming towards me so had to turn quickly avoiding the people, the bus and a telephone pole, and somehow I twisted my left ankle and landed on the footpath. Of course my first concern was my phone.....which was cracked... The people I was trying to  avoid stepped over me without the least bit of concern  and I end up  crying on the side of the road, from the shock. I stumble home to a very unsympathetic housemate and try to get on with my day. By the second half of the match my I decide I should head to A&E just to check and it turns out, my elbow is broken and I won't be fit for work for four weeks!! Not the way I planned to start St Patricks weekend. My housemate wracked with guilt orders us pizza which helps a bit...

Sunday was Mothers Day, so I headed home for dinner with my mother and my brothers. Getting home is an adventure onto itself as it the opposite limbs, I'd make a great zombie for The Walking Dead but I eventually get home. The salad with chorizo and black pudding and the slow cooked pork make it all worth while. The waitress also ended up giving me two Panadol, which was so appreciated! The most important thing was that Mam enjoyed dinner and liked her present!
I finish the night watching Batman Returns which I don't think I've seen before.

My best friend came over to Ireland for a few days and we met for coffee, after she stopped laughing at my walking and what I am wearing, I'm refusing to wear trousers because it is too hard to tie the button and my ankle is fairly swollen, I'm also unable to tie my hair up,and putting on a bra is a monumental task. My walking is improving but I'm sure I'm the talk of the town walking around like quasimodo

Tuesday is of course St.Patricks Day and I am not going to let some broken bone stop me enjoying my first time living in Cork for the day. There is green beer and green hats galore. As I have a lot of friends who aren't irish it's interesting to see their perspective on the day. I also can't resist asking some of my Tumblr friends where Patrick was born (answer is Wales btw). I scared a few friends taking my arm out of my sling, and my housemate spent a long time being my elbows bodyguard.

I had originally booked this week off, so my friend could visit me in Cork, and I wasn't going to change these plans, and my quasimodo nickname was finished, We headed to Soho in cork for dinner (I recommend the quesadillas and the Spanish fries) I had an espresso Martini there too. I was also convinced to join some friends in Amsterdam in July. They are interrailing for three and a half weeks and were organising it while we were having dinner. Later Niamh and I went to BDSM, and had a cherry margarita,

Thursday was another mini reunion. After a great pick me up coffee in Italee niamh is a bit of a coffee snob, so I'd to bring her to the best place in cork we headed for lunch at Ramen with another friend. I had the chicken Firecracker, which was the 6 before 6 special that day, and delicious. We magically ended up in H&M and I found a pair of dungarees on sale that I decided was my invalid present to myself. I also listened to Kendrik Lamars Album (I'm going to expand my musical/tv/movie repertoire while I am off work), I don't know if I can properly appreciate the album, but King Kunta was my favourite song.

On Friday my elbow was actually quite sore, I was moving it more than I should be, so I mostly read The Luminaries and listening to Hoziers album for the first time (Like Real People Do is my recommendation from this album). I ended up heading to a house party with my housemate, it was a spanish house party, they do better houseparties than irish people let me tell you. It was a costume party, so they made masks, speech bubbles and a selfie background (a jungle).

So this week didn't exactly go to plan at the start but I soldiered through, my biggest issue will be filling my time.If anyone has books/movies/tv shows recommendations I'd love to hear them