Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I keep Dancing on my own 2.

It's not often my housemate and I are walking home, me wearing Cat ears with my lovely cat eye running down my face. We had just left a party with these lovely people from Spain and Germany, as per usual I was the only irish person there for a good chunk of the party, which I always find highly entertaining.

Bit of a backstory, in January I moved into a house closer to the city with four students, three irish girls and one Catalonian guy who's over here practising his english. He asked would I go to Beer pong with him once, where I was the only irish person there, which made me enjoy the beer pong more, even though I am just terrible at playing it, but I've gotten friendly with lots of people who are over here learning english, they are french, italian,spanish and brazilian and one greek. I spend the majority of my time goading the people, while simultaneously being terrible at beerpong and drinking. 

Anyway so, last Friday, we met these really nice people who don't live in the city, and my housemate mentioned that we probably will never see them again. This started a big long alcohol induced walk home (well for me it was a hobble home but you get the idea). All my new friends will leave and go home back with much better english, and they'll know all the important irish words such as craic (fun) and shift (make out/snog).

During one stage in my semi drunken ramblings I said well why do I even bother being friends with people who are just going to leave. Of course that was just the pre already missing all the cute italians who I wont be able to creep on in The Brog anymore, but then I remembered there'll just be other Italians to creep on. A new spanish chap (he's a mere child of 19) was talking to me yesterday, we had been to a hurling game with my housemate sunday, as you do, and he said he learned more english through talking to me than he has in the english college, but he has only been there three weeks so I wouldn't worry too much about that. 

Now recently I have friends on the complete other side of the scale and the world! I have two close friends whom I have never met, don't worry I'm fairly sure they are real. I'm friends with one of them on snapchat and we played the super fun Try and Pronounce my name game, his name is simon, so clearly I won!!I started talking to my other Tumblr friends over out love of Broadcity and we have talked to each other almost everyday for months and months about everything. Doesn't matter if you're in Ireland or Brazil, being 24 is basically the same. The other guy lives in the states I do know them fairly well I think, but it is possible I will never meet either and that is also kinda hard to deal with, but I will cause they are really nice individuals who just happen to live thousands of miles away. It would literally be a dream come true to meet them in real life, is a possibility they'd be let down but sure I'd have a good time.

The world has gotten much smaller through the internet and cheaper travel, and I have all these people I know who I'd never have met if there wasn't those things. I now have a friend making me a to-do list for Barcelona.