Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What I've been


Home Made Hot Cross Buns and Quinoa, Cranberry and Walnut Salad.I live on
hot cross buns during spring so I thought I'd give baking them a shot, turned out not too bad for my first attempt. I also got the salad in Tesco, because I've heard so many good things about quinoa but never tried it. I bought some today and I'm going to try it for breakfast tomorrow.


ALL the tea!! Liquorice tea and Red berry tea are lovely. I'm missing coffee as I'm off it for a while but the teas are helping.  


Modern Family and The Muppets Most Wanted: Modern Family is just the perfect looking for something to watch for 25 minutes kinda show. I love the Characters and the way the show is filmed and its just so light hearted. I went to MMW on Sunday and was surprised how much I  loved it. The cameos and reinactment of a certain royal wedding was amazing and seeing Ricky Gervais in a childrens movie was funny in itself.
The fact Ty Burrell is in both of these only adds to my enjoyment.


So I finished King of the Flies and World War Z and I've moved onto Casual Vacancy my JK Rowling. Its Ok so far and I'll have a review of the two other books later on this week.

Getting up to:  I've gotten a job, a proper job,  I haven't started as yet, but it's exciting! I'm ready to go back to full time employment.

what have you been up to??