Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Managing the Mane

photo from Wikipedia
I have a LOT of hair on my head I MEAN A LOT of thick hair, which is on the normal to dry side. I like my hair a lot even with the stick I got for being a red(ish) head. I was always told not to dye my hair when I was growing up and to be honest I'd never be bothered to deal with the upkeep and bad roots are up there on my peeves list (along with bad eyebrows). Just before I turned 22 I had some bleach  added to the sides of my face randomly which don't go anywhere near my roots so I dont have to maintain them, just make sure they're not super dry. I've been told its very rogue from x-men looking and I'll take that!!

In the last few months I didn't take the best care of it, I was using heat treatments before styling and blowdrying but the actual shampoo and conditioner I was using wasn't great and wasn't of any benefit to my hair. It's only when other people make comments about things like my hair that I do anything so once my cousin mentioned it looked a but dry I started operation hydrate.

The Shampoo I decided on was the Pantene Repair and Protect .Not the most glamorous of shampoos but this had added serum was a big plus as it added a step without actually adding another step that i could just skip if I was feeling particularly lazy. I read that you should actually rinse and repeat when it comes to shampoo the first wash is like a primer and the second wash really gets your hair clean.

Conditioner wise I have found theTREESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner is kinda amazing. My hair hasn't felt as soft as it does at the moment, in such a long time. At least once a week I also use TRESemme Split Remedy Split Mend Intense Recovery Masque especially on my bleached sections.

All together these are helping manage the mane. Up until recently my hair would go out like a triangle and now I'm finding it easier to style and manage without blowing a load of dosh.

What hair products do you use????????