Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New glasses

I've worn glasses continuously for a long time (since I was 9 or 10) so it's fair to say I've gone through a good few pairs at this stage. Recently since I started my online course and using my laptop more in general, I started to get headaches and my grandmother started giving out to me as I kept looking over my glasses so off to the opticians I went to  get the aul peepers seen to.
Initially I was just going to get the new glass put into the frames I already had but that would mean I would be glasses-less for four days and I'd have a Velma from Scooby Doo moments for four days......side note I was nicknamed Velma in Transition Year cause I had a bob haircut and thick glasses......

Glad I didn't pick any of these
So after I decided I would in fact need a new pair of glasses I started trying on differnt types just for the laugh because I thought I would just pick the same frames as I had before but I wanted to play around and try on some expensive ones and ones that didnt suit my face shape at all ( I'm so easily amused)

So I was all ready to choose the same pair I already had when I started chatting to the sales assistant and she commented on them saying  "They're a bit safe" She then suggested a few other pairs and after the word safe was mentioned I had a complete 180 on my glasses choice.

I have a fairly square shaped face so square frames suit me best I also cant have them too big cause they can make me face look odd.

I scoured the Specsavers site but could not find the exact pair I bought but The Pipa glasses are the most similar. I like the change and have gotten a nice few compliments saying they suit my face better.