Saturday, 6 August 2016

A stream of consciousness on religion and love

So during the week a group of americans came into the pub for dinner. I was speaking on and off for a while with them. I could see there was a young married couple and there was people their age as well as a couple quite older and some kids, there was several races so I knew they probably weren't related. So at the end of the evening several of the people had left but the core younger group were still around, including the super cute married couple who were going on their babymoon the day after.

So they were discussing dates and why would one date be superior over another and what to think about the fact the person you are on a date with has had several dates that week and what was even the point of the date they were currently on. They were super friendly and welcomed comments I would make as I cleared their tables, such as 'make the date more interesting, so your date sticks out in the other persons mind' and 'have you read Aziz Ansaris' book?? He says its always the person that doesn't reply is the one you'll like more'

So as it turned out all the people were part of a church in The Bay Area. All of the people having dinner had all decided they would only date within said church, as one of their criteria for their partner is to be as christian as them, which I wasn't expecting, it was not something I had considered, but of course you do you and all that. It did seem to be restricting though, a very attractive lady told everyone she hadn't been asked out in a year.

There was over 1000 people at this church but I think there is still a lot of issues such as seen/heard in modern love such as still looking for the next best thing even with the smaller pool of people they can find their person from. The group was having an open discussion,  with the one married man taking notes, to send onto their pastor, who they were messaging at the time. I think the aspect of finding your one is something very important to those people, as God has someone for everyone and wants them to get together and then get married, then have sex and have babies etc

It was apparent the religious aspect was very important to them, it was an interesting thing to see, religion wouldn't be that important to me, I have been on tinder dates with people who have been jewish and if anything it makes them more interesting as I'm super nosey and want to ask things about their experience in life. I just thought it was interesting to see this and see there were good and bad aspects. The good thing is that the married soon to be parents were a success story and I'm sure there are many more like them and they believe that god brought them together to spend their lives together

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