Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ren Skincare

So last week I was at work, and I got talking to someone who was celebrating her birthday, who also happened to work for Ren. She had several products with her and after asking me my skin type she offered them to me. My skin is normal, which gets hormonal breakouts 
I got six full size products, and I am very excited.
The products were:

Clarimatte T-zone Control Cleansng Gel A Purifying antibacterial facial cleansing gel for skin that is prone to oiliness and breakouts, particularly in the T-zone.

Clarimatte T-zone Balancing Gel Cream A light gel moisturiser that leaves skin matte, balanced and hydrated. Combats the appearance of oiliness, blemishes and breakouts and protects against free radicals.

Keep Young and Beautiful instant Firming beauty shot A gel-serum that instantly firms lifts and plumps the skin.

Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial A transforming treatment that instantly revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin.

Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil A rose-infused body oil formulated  to intensely replenish dry skin.

Flash Defence Anti-pollution mist A fine mist that instantly shields and protects the skin from the ageing effects of harmful free radicals and environmental pollution. It helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences against oxidative stress, boosting the skin’s ability to detoxify

So I'm going to try all these out for the next two weeks and come back. I want to try one or two when I do my skin care, in case I react to something, I'll be able to tell which it was. Will also be interesting to see in which order to use thing, I've never had a serum before so I'm feeling very adult now. I was very lucky to get these and I'm looking forward to reporting back.

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