Thursday, 7 July 2016

The one where I get an IUD

My contraception story is not overly interesting. I started taking Yasmin five years ago after my lovely summer love (vomit) was convinced I was pregnant and had drunkenly decided he would move to Ireland to help raise this imaginary child. I decided at 20 I wouldn't let that thought happen again and I went to the doctor and he suggested Yasmin and I agreed and I was happy out, taking control of my ability to choose if and when I would like a child.

I was happy popping these pills for four years, and then two things happened.
I got my hair cut short, and realised I had a massive bald spot, and I watched Siobhans' IUD video where she stated that her hair had thinned from her contraceptive  pill. I looked up alopecia on the HSE website and it basically stated, its stress or medication, and I can't do a lot about my stress really but I can stop ingesting hormones when there are other options.

In the last year or so I did go to the doctor and ask could I get the implant, because I was getting less good at taking my pill which is terrible I know, even though I didn't really want it, I had heard some bad stories with depression and the implant, but he refused to insert it, as he said he took out more than he put in. When I got my smear in Ireland I spoke with the nurse and she wasn't sure I'd be able to get it as I haven't given birth and it could be difficult to get it past my cervix

When I arrived in London I booked into the Marlborough clinic at the Royal Free to have a discussion with the nurse about contraception. She was lovely. I explained what I wanted and then what the nurse had said and she replied 'let the doctor worry about that' which made me very happy. I had been already tested in April so I was able to get an appointment for the following week

Last week I headed over to the clinic, had to pee in a cup (fun times) and I met the doctor, who was really lovely,everything was discussed such as what  the insertion, what to expect in the days after, side effects, and all the fun stuff. I laid down legs up in stirrups and waited for it to start.

It was not the best 10 minutes of my life TBH. She didn't have to dilate my cervix which was lucky I suppose, but it did take a while to get it inserted. Definitely worse than the smear, but I flew through my smear, cause my cervix is very apparent or something. I did not feel good straight after, quite crampy, but I dont get bad cramps usually so I think I may be a slightly babying it here really. I was given a pad after and told I could take paracetamol. I'd suggest having pain killers with you and take them before or even straight after insertion. I didn't have any on me and staggered (absolutely milking it here) and got paracetemol and ibuprofen and headed to starbucks for a coffee. I took a sip and then put the warm cup on my tummy and it was amazing, so also having a heat pad, or hot water bottle nearby would also be a good idea.

I took regular pain killers for the first two days, every 6 hours,and then as needed the next couple of days. In the last couple of days, I had an awareness of a feeling but I didn't need anything for it.
The day before yesterday I saw Rosemary Mccabes article on why she's having her IUD removed, and I found it interesting to see some downsides the IUD may have. To be honest (this of course is me biased) I hope the things she mentioned are not connected to her IUD, and I hope she writes another article in the up and coming months.

So, all in all I am happy with everything so far, the Doctor was fabulous and I feel so adult. She didn't seem to think the hair was to do with the hormones in the Yasmin, but it's good to eliminate reasons and try and see if there's anything I can do

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