Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My problem with Valentines Day

I've had this half idea going round in my head as we are coming up to Valentines Day.
I was commenting on how I didn't like the day to a manager of mine and before I could elaborate on why he asks 'Do I sense a little jealousy?' (me being the forever singleton) and I replied, and i think i properly realised  'It's not couples that annoy me on Valentines day, its single people'

What I mean by that, is the obnoxious OH I LOVE ME ON VALENTINES #GALENTINES.
People that are not happy they are single and make a big deal out of loving themselves and their fellow single ladies, but only seem to love em on this day, forgetting about all the other days of the year. These individuals are also know to comment things such as "vomit" or general giving out about their non single friends. Why would you begrudge anothers happiness, If they choose to celebrate the date and that involves flowers and choclates that come in a pink box who are you to say its not proper romance because they "only do it because the card companies made valentines day'
Well so what? they might find it weird to not go for dinner on that day and like making the effort to go out on this day. What about people who prefer hanging out at home with their significant other and want to do something as a change, only to have their acts judged by people.

If you are single and you are not happy about the fact, or are even a bit upset, I'm sorry you feel that way, that is a perfectly fine way to feel, stay in and watch whatever and have a drink or whatever you want to do. My problem is the people who make a big deal about the fact they are single and are so passively aggressive about. I have a huge issue with passive aggression in general. If you're upset about being single don't pretend you aren't.

I will be single on Valentines, I was single before the 14th and I'll be single after, I'm well used to it at this stage. I don't need my other single friends and I to have a dinner and judge people, I don't need chocolates bought for me and all that jazz. I will be watching the 6 Nations and liking all the pictures of the teddies and flowers my attached friends will be putting on the internet because I'll be happy that they are happy and are having a nice day even when its a dreary February day.