Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lit Nit Wit: The Girl on the Train

The one thing I couldn't bring when I  move over was books which is obviously so devastating.
My friend is basically a librarian, but like a super strict librarian, and I stayed with her my first night in London I saw she had The Girl on the Train and I practically had to beg to convince her to let me borrow it
I finished half of it in one day and was enthralled. And yes I realise its also being made into a movie which is an obvious theme in my reading life.

Rachel is a divorced alcoholic who though she has lost her job travels into London everyday,to keep the secret of her job loss from her falsely nice housemate.

She passes the same houses on the train and imagines their lives, giving them names and jobs and is highly offended when real life disturbs this fantasy.
When it emerges that one of the individuals she watches has gone missing she feels a personal connection to her and the investigation, and could even be an important to the investigation but it emerges her memory may be playing tricks on her and there is also the backdrop of her relationship with her ex husband his new wife and their daughter.

I did guess there would be a twist, did I guess it straight away no, but eventually I worked a bit out so the ultimate twist wasnt the biggest surprise. I'm into these darkish books and if you are too, I'd recommend this. I do love the fact I read a book based in London when I had just moved here, even though the film is in fact based in the US

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