Monday, 4 April 2016

Lit Nit Wit; The Room

Another week, another Book review, I will go back and discuss more podcasts soon, but this week I wanted to talk about The Room. Yes I know another book turned into a movie, but I had heard how good this book was, and to be fair I didn't know the whole story cause of course I haven't seen the movie, I'm only just about to watch the last episode of making a murderer for crying out loud ha.

This story follows Jack and his mother who live in a room,that's about 8 by 8 foot or something crazy small, its a soundproof shed, in someones garden. Jack was born in this room and has never been outside, his friends include bed and chair and Dora the Explorer, as there is a television but he's only allowed watch a certain amount,like any 5 year old. Unlike with any 5 year old, his mother has told him everything he sees on television is not real, and that only the two of them are actual live people. . The two of them have a routine which includes bath time and reading, and running, and screaming ( for help, he doesn't realise that's why they were doing it) and then at night, Jack sleeps in the wardrobe, and on some nights Old Nick, as Jack calls him, makes a visit. A couple of days after his Birthday Jacks' mother tells him they have to escape the room, and the rest of the book follows their escape and reintegration into the outside.

I feel like I've read a good amount of books, and a lot of books remind me of other books. In this instance, The Room reminds me of The Boy in The Stripped Pajamas, in that a young child is in a situation an adult would even find difficult, and uses their limited life knowledge and skills to understand the situation they are in, and the bravery these children have without realising.
Another thing I took from the book was the thought of societal norms and slang term that are said flippantly, it made me think about things that really don't make sense, unless context is provided.

All in all a fabulous book, I'm glad was made into a movie.