Sunday, 27 March 2016

Podcasts I'm listening to:2016 Part 1

Sometimes I hate it when I say, ' Oh I listen to podcasts', when I'm chatting to people about what I do in my spare time or whatever, but I love them. The best thing I like about podcasts, you can walk around with them and learn or laugh, as you're going to work or stretching your legs, making dinner and so on, there's always something new listen to, particularly if you're like me and are subscribed to 34 podcasts, I just counted that myself and am kinda in shock myself. Whatever kind of thing you want to listen to, you can find something you like, whether its comedy, fictional, pop culture, sex, having children (I'm not broody, but..I'm preparing......) and the human condition.

There's such a mix, and so much to listen too, and while there are ads, you get over that, and if you don't like to hear a certain interview on nerdist or bulleye, you just don't download it. If you get over a podcast, which does happen, you just remove it from your feed, it's no problem. The worst thing that can happen is that the podcasts can finish up, which is slightly heart breaking, looking at you The message. I'm going to try and break it down into categories, and say why I like them.

The last time I wrote about Podcasts, I think I mentioned Dan Savage and his Love Cast. I have to say, this is something that is shaping my mindset on relationships, monogamy and sex in general.
Sometimes I put off listening to him sometimes, just because sometimes there's so much to take in, but everytime I do I get so much info, I'm glad I heard it and am developing my thoughts on sex work and break ups and relationships.

Another sex positive podcast I started listening to recently is Sex with Emily. I think her approach is more casual, and it is good I've already listened to Dan for a long time. Her's is more of an easier listening. What I love is when I hear a question, and I hear the answers and it was exactly what I thought.

If you didn't know I have an obsession with Louise O'Neill, not quite in a stalker way, but anytime she mentions she's written something or has been interviewed, I'll try and read it ASAP. I think she must have mentioned The Irish Times Womens Podcast, and so of course subscribed immediately.
For some reason I have been pleasantly surprised about how well spoken and smart these irish journalists, and politicians and just fabulous women with amazing opinions on a diverse range of topics.

Another person who I stalk online is Gala Darling and any time she mentions she's been interviewed by someone for a podcast I end up subscribing to it and really liking the stuff discussed
The podcasts I've ended up following are
Stay Real With Amber
Punk Rock Personal Development and
The Lively Show
These three podcasts have a common thread in them in my opinion. All of them try and helping people to empower youself.
The lively show and PRPD interview women, such as bloggers, (The Lively show) authors, burlesque dancers (PRPD) about their lives and the hustle basically. To hear how these people got to where they are, even though that's not the career path I want, is really interesting, and I feel like I could take some of the life lessons discussed in the podcasts. Hearing empowered women is empowering!
I've only just been introduced to Stay Real with Amber, and I've only listened to the first one, but I have high hopes.

I thought I'd be able to write about all the podcasts in one go, turns out no I cannot. Gives me something other than books to write about I suppose.
Come again and I'll discuss Science Fiction and pop culture :)