Friday, 23 October 2015

Kind of Thrift Haul

I can't and won't call this a thrift I didn't actually buy these items. We have a family member who lived in the states but had a house in Ireland where she'd visit for holidays and leave clothes, shoes and other things in the 70s and 80s. In the last few months it was decided the holiday house was going to be cleared out, and I was allowed to go through the clothes and shoes and bags and take what I wanted, and I can't thank the relative whose clothes they were and to the aunt and cousins who put all the stuff in bags for me and thought of me when they saw certain coats and shoes.

Honestly I love everything I got. Everything has been cleaned, dry cleaned or repaired, I learned to sew buttons because of this, which is a good thing. I also then went through my wardrobe and donated a lot of things I felt didn't suit me. Because of this new wardrobe and hairstyle I feel like my personal style has taken a big leap in a good more chic, I actually dried and styled my hair and I would not have done that two weeks ago, cause I just had so much hair. Maybe its cause I'm seeing my Birthday coming up and this is how I'm going to improve myself as I get older..
I'm finding incorporating the pieces into my wardrobe easy. The pink shirt and cardigan look great with my mom jeans and pink Dr. Martin shoes  Having the low heels is nice, I don't really need high shoes as I am 5'8, but I still have a bit of height and my feet don't hurt in the morning

Turns out you can never have too many shirts..

I threw out four pairs of shoes and two bags and will not buy any for years and years

The black embroidered was made by my relation!!

Look how well those buttons look!!

I could also that two piece as an emergency wedding dress, why I need that I don't know but still....

   It took three weeks for those white jumpers to dry! So worth it though, they are so huge and cozy. I've been wearing the cardigan non stop, It goes with a lot as its such a pale colour, and is perfect for when its still to cold to be wearing the epic ugly jumper beside it.